November 2009 Newsletter

4 Proven Ways to Diffuse an Angry Customer

It happens to the best of us. An upset customer calls to complain about a product or service, and you’re caught completely off guard. How do you react? Do you fly off the handle right along with him? Or do you respond in a calm, thoughtful way that salvages or even strengthens your relationship?

9 Surefire Ways to Show the Benefits of Marketing

Niche marketing programs are very visible within a company. Everyone sees an ad campaign and has an opinion about it. But do they really understand the benefit of niche marketing and its value in growing a business? Read these nine tips to help improve the stature — and performance — of marketing within your company:

Rock-Solid Marketing for Trendy Times

Instead of jumping from trend to trend follow these 6 steps for marketing that really works.

Feeling bombarded by all the theories on the so-called newest, latest and hottest trends in marketing? You're not alone. Jumping from trend to trend in pursuit of the latest idea is the last thing a smart entrepreneur should do in this economic climate.


Direct Marketing Tips!

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