July 2008 Newsletter

Price, Price, Price!!! Six steps you can take to keep cut-rate competitors from stealing your customers

In the last article, we covered the top mistakes sales people make that can keep them from closing more business. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at an all-too common problem: what you can do to close an existing customer when your competition keeps lowering their price.

All sales reps face competition. And nothing is more frustrating than having your competition offer to sell to your existing client base at dramatically reduced prices.

Filling Up the Sales Funnel: 12 Tips for Earning Consistent Revenues - and Commissions - All Year Round

Many sales reps and managers complain that they can't create a consistent flow of revenues or commissions month after month. Instead of a nice, straight line increasing consistently over time like an upwards pointing arrow, they find themselves staring repeatedly at sales results that look more like a hockey stick: nothing for two months, a sharp increase for a month or two, then back down again to nothing a month later.

So what can you do to keep your sales funnel full of leads, to ensure a consistent, reliable flow of revenues all year round?

Top 10 Tips for Acquiring New Customers

1. Invest in the best customers. Analyze the long-term value of new customers by source to identify the sources of the most profitable new names. Align customer acquisition strategies to invest more heavily in sources of higher value customers.

2. Look for successes within failed campaigns. Investigate niches that contribute greater responses than the average campaign. Drill down to better understand these groups and the opportunity to expand the list universe to include more of them.


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