January 2009 Newsletter

12 Keys to Tuning Up Your Sales Force

Not sure if your sales organization is up to snuff? Here are twelve keys to help ensure that your team is focused on the right things every day.

Many cars today tell the driver when it is time to perform maintenance. Even better, some tell the driver that maintenance is needed in 1,000 miles with updates along the way. It would be great if as a business executive or small business owner, you had this kind of technology at your fingertips. Unfortunately, managing a sales organization will always be a manual effort. Sure, CRMs and contact managers help, but there is no technology that replaces the leadership associated with sales management. Not sure where to dig into your sales organization? Here are twelve areas that will show just how game ready you are.

7 Fatal Flaws of Direct Mail

Direct mail can be extremely effective if done properly. Successful direct mail doesn’t depend on fancy, four-color design or “creative” copy. This article discusses the seven most common direct mail mistakes and how to avoid them.

How to Measure a Successful Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest mistakes any new business can make is not completely evaluating all aspects of a marketing campaign.

Let's say you are an online publisher and you have just written a book on flowers. You have contributions from some of the best florists and landscaping experts in the world, a catchy headline, killer advertising copy, and an offer that has been screened through focus groups and surveys so you have confidence that you've developed a best-seller. You spend time and effort developing a landing page so anytime someone clicks on your ads, you are able to capture contact information with an offer of a free special report, even if the visitors do not buy your product.


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