April 2008 Newsletter

USPS Announces New Prices Coming May 12, 2008

On May 12 we will adjust prices for our shipping services — Express Mail, Priority Mail, Parcel Select, Parcel Return Service, and International Mail. For the first time our pricing includes commercial volume and contract prices, rebates, online price reductions, and other new incentives.

New Homeowners Respond to Mail

Will the person who buys a new home in your community have the disposable cash to become a donor? Testing the idea that new homeowners are responsive, the Salvation Army’s Metropolitan Division received a solid 1.5 percent response to an acquisition mailing this past July.

Your Price is too High!

“Your price is too high!”

If you’ve been involved in sales for more than a week and a half, odds are, you’ve probably come across those particular five words at least once in your career. In fact, if you’re like most of us, you’ve likely heard them a thousand times and counting.

In my experience, price is the single most common objection encountered by sales people in every industry, city or sector of the economy. It can also be one of the most difficult objections for many sales professionals to overcome.

8 Tactics to Trim Printing and Mailing Costs

1. Choose a cost-effective format
There’s a reason that you’ve probably never seen a 7" x 71⁄2" brochure. It doesn’t fit neatly into most standard envelopes, and custom-made envelopes are costly to manufacture. That’s why most printers recommend working with standard paper sizes. An 81⁄2" x 11"-size paper, for instance, can be folded into thirds and fit neatly into a standard business envelope.


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